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At WeTravel, we believe education propels change; the more we know, the more we can improve (which is why we created a free educational hub, the WeTravel Academy, for any travel professional to access travel-specific–and, did we mention, free–resources to improve their business). We also believe learning from each other is our greatest and sometimes under-used asset, which is why we want to read and publish your stories – here!

Within our WeTravel Academy, where you find yourself now, is our Women in Travel Academy vertical – a free educational hub created by all women*, for all women* – and men. Free for readers, and paid for collaborators, we take your knowledge and post it on our platform to encourage travel professionals to make changes within their organizations for better representation. Here–through this platform–we use your stories and your words to encourage change. It is a supportive constructive space, we don’t tolerate racism, bigotry, homophobia, or sexism; comments in this tone will be deleted and blocked.

*We use the terms “female” and “women” in the vertical to refer to any individual who identifies as a woman or with femininity, including transwomen and transfeminine and non-binary individuals.

Women In Travel

We are Women in Travel; together we can challenge the status quo and create the change the industry needs. This space was created for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, cis women, and any individuals who identify as women or with femininity–including transwomen, transfeminine, and non-binary individuals–to share co-created content and resources for women and men to support all femme individuals in the industry.

So, of course, we want to hear from you; whether you have a comment to leave on a resource, a social media share for your network to get involved, or you want to contribute a paid piece to the vertical: let’s collaborate. 


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Having a diverse and inclusive set of voices contributing to the learning of other industry professionals is our goal. Explore some of the topics that are already helping start conversations, growing businesses, bettering practices, and so much more. 

Flexibility and Stability: How the Travel Industry Can Support Working Parents

Written by Amy Gilmore (she/her)

"In 2018, 63% of two-parent households in the US had both parents working according to the BLS. A similar average figure for the European Union was reported by the OECD in 2019..."


How Networks of Women are Helping to Empower Travel Entrepreneurs

Written by Iris Serbanescu (she/her)

"Women make up 55% of the tourism workforce but represent less than 20% of general managerial positions and less than eight percent of existing executive positions... "


Decolonization, Diversity, and EDI for Your Travel Business

Written by Meera Dattani (she/her)

"How many times have you seen travel product images of say, a group of white/Western tourists enjoying a safari experience—and yet rarely if ever showing brown travelers doing the same?"


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