Crisis Management Playbook

How to Prepare and Manage Your Travel Company in Times of Crisis





About this guide

A comprehensive guide to help your travel company navigate an unexpected crisis whether it’s a global pandemic or other natural disaster.

Inside you will learn a step-by-step approach to drafting your Crisis Management Plan so you can focus on building a resilient business and working on stronger relationships with customers and partners.

What’s Inside?

Section 1 – Initial Response

  • How to Brief Your Team
  • Alerting Vendors the Right Way
  • Reaching Out to Clients

Section 2 – Mitigating Damage

  • Communication Strategies for Partners & Clients
  • Preventing Chargebacks & Disputes
  • Negotiating with Vendors & Partners
  • How to Manage Your Cash Flow

Section 3 – Business Recovery

  • How to Future-Proof Your Business
  • Drawing Up a Crisis Management Plan
  • BONUS: Step-by-Step Crisis Management Plan
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