WeTravel’s Annual Report, 2024 

What’s Ahead For Travel Bookings and Payments 

An essential, in-depth report into the booking, payment, and technology trends shaping the multi-day travel industry in 2024.


What’s Inside?

Bringing together key data from over 600 global travel businesses across six global markets, the report reveals: 

  • Comparative data with our 2023 report, indicating the major shifts that have taken place in booking and payments 
  • The emerging payment technologies that your business should offer in 2024 to align with traveler expectations for greater payment flexibility 
  • How booking patterns - including booking lead time - have changed, and how to leverage this information to drive sales and improve traveler satisfaction 
  • The types of experiences travelers are seeking in 2024, as well as the most sought-after destinations your business should expand into for a successful year ahead
  • The importance of adapting to new technologies to offer travelers the heightened level of personalization and customization they’ve grown to expect

Want a more detailed analysis of the report's findings?


Join us on January 23rd for a webinar with WeTravel's Chief Operating Officer, Zaky Prabowo. In less than one hour, Zaky will break down all of the key data points and how you can use them to your advantage in 2024! 

About WeTravel’s Annual Report

Created to provide critical insights into the emerging trends and key industry shifts that will shape the landscape of multi-day travel in 2024, our annual Travel Trends Report brings together data from more than 600 travel businesses, across six global markets. 

Together with our comparative 2023 survey data, the report not only reveals key insights from across the sector but connects to dots on how businesses and travel professionals can leverage this information to support their operations and travelers in 2024. 

We hope that the report will shed light on what to expect in the coming year, supporting multi-day travel professionals in making key business decisions and optimizing their operations as our industry transitions into a new, tech-supported era. 

Access This Year’s Essential Booking & Payment Statistics


of travelers are making the total payment at booking, an increase of 181% compared with 2023


Travelers paying with local payment methods for 2024 departures have increased by 200% compared to 2023 departures


of travel businesses have increased their tour prices by between 10% and 25% for 2024 departures, while 22% have increased their prices by more than 25% from 2023 to 2024


 This year, 70% of businesses claim total payment at booking to be their most popular payment plan 

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