Virtual Gathering hosted by WeTravel

L(a)unch-N-Learn: Streamline Travel Business Operations with Inventory Management

Thursday, February 22nd  |  12pm EST  |  30 min

Discuss together:  Managing travel inventory
Let’s take a bite out of how to manage inventory, together. 

We understand the complexities of managing your trip inventory. That’s why we not only created a feature, Inventory Management, to support you, but we’re also hosting a community event to discuss together managing travel inventory.  

Over a shared lunchtime, connect with fellow travel professionals - including our CEO, Ted Clements (he/him) - to exchange insights and learn from each other. 


Reserve a seat at our (virtual) table to bring your perspectives – and your lunch! 

We’re lucky to be part of a thriving community of travel professionals who have a diverse range of experiences in the industry. With all of this vast on-the-ground expertise, we wanted to create a space for industry professionals to connect and jointly tackle the complexities of selling travel. Enter: Launch-N-Learns.

WeTravel’s 30-minute Inventory Management L(a)unch-N-Learn will bring travel professionals to the table to share experiences and tips on managing multiple resources: From sourcing accommodations that meet your quality and brand standards to keeping tabs on inventory capacities per trip, to name a few.

You’ll also leave with a takeaway resource: a preview of WeTravel’s newest accommodation management tool, Inventory Management, from our CEO. We can’t wait to sit around the table with you – there’s much to discuss.

Please note that during the virtual gathering, your camera will be on so we can better connect with each other, which means this will not be recorded. Join the live discussion to be sure you don’t miss out!


Discussion Topics

  • How do you manage your resources across multiple destinations, products and departures with suppliers and destination management companies (DMCs)?
  • What strategies do you use to market resources as add-ons or upgrades for your travelers?
  • How does your business manage the operations and logistics of resource management with the onset of so many last-minute bookings?