Meet the Speakers


Jamie-Lee Abtar

Marketing Manager at Intrepid Travel

Jamie-Lee Abtar (she/her) has worked in travel for more than a decade, developing marketing… Read More

Mitch Bach

CEO of TripSchool & Tourpreneur

Mitch (he/him) was a tour operator and guide for 20 years, and today is the co-founder of… Read More

Ursula Petula Barzey

Founder of Moxee Marketing

Ursula Petula Barzey (she/her) has over 30 years of business development and marketing… Read More

Marica Brewster

CEO at Von Mack Agency, Inc.

Marica Mackenroth Brewster (she/her) is a sought out thought leader and an award-winning… Read More

Ted Clements

CEO at WeTravel

As WeTravel’s CEO, Ted Clements (he/him) brings a customer-centric approach to fintech and… Read More

Jen Corley

Head of Product Marketing at WeTravel

As WeTravel's Head of Product Marketing, Jen Corley (she/her) has worked in the travel… Read More

Jeffrey Gayduk

President of Premier Travel Media

Jeffrey Gayduk (he/him) is the President of Premier Travel Media, a multi-faceted… Read More

Johannes Koeppel

CPO at WeTravel

During Johannes’ (he/him) time working for Doctors Without Borders and The Red Cross, he… Read More

Stuart W. Greif

Chief Strategy, Innovation & Operating Officer at Forbes Travel Guide

Stuart Greif (he/him) brings 30 years of global experience focused at the intersection of… Read More

Marc Mekki

Innovation Thinker at Inspire Limitless

Marc Mekki (he/him) is an author, advisor and speaker on innovation, design thinking, and… Read More

Shivya Nath

Founder of Climate Conscious Travel

Shivya Nath (she/her) is the founder of Climate Conscious Travel - an impact consultancy… Read More

Shane O’Flaherty

Global Director, Travel and Hospitality at Microsoft

Shane O’Flaherty (he/him) is the Global Director of Travel, Transportation, Logistics &… Read More

John O’Neill

CEO at Traverse Automation

John O’Neill (he/him) was originally a theoretical physicist and later a mathematical… Read More

Keri Pfeiffer

Head of Account Management at WeTravel

Keri Pfeiffer (she/her) has been in the travel industry for 5+ years working as the Head of… Read More

Mauricio Prieto

Founder and Director at Travel Tech Essentialist

Mauricio Prieto (he/him) was the Cofounder, CMO and board member of eDreams Odigeo from… Read More

Suneal Rao

Head of Product at WeTravel

Suneal Rao (he/him) has had a career spanning many industries, with the last few years in… Read More

Kelsey Tonner

Founder of Guest Focus Business Coaching

Kelsey (he/him) is the founder of Guest Focus and has over two decades of experience… Read More

Shayna Zand

Head of Partnerships at WeTravel

As WeTravel's Head of Partnerships, Shayna Zand (she/her) brings with her 10+ years in the… Read More


ChatGPT in the Travel Industry: The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown

Learn from expert panelists as they discuss the impact - both positive and negative - that ChatGPT is having on the travel industry. The session provides actionable knowledge on how to optimize your business’s operations and offerings by harnessing the power of ChatGPT, as well as explore the technology’s limitations. 



  • Shane O’Flaherty: Global Director, Travel and Hospitality at Microsoft
  • Shivya Nath: Award-winning travel writer and Founder of Climate Conscious Travel 
  • Kelsey Tonner: Founder of Guest Focus Business Coaching

Unlocking Opportunities with New Payment Solutions in Multi-Day Travel

Keeping abreast of the latest payment technologies and trends is essential for any travel business hoping to stay ahead of their market’s curve. Listen to WeTravel’s CEO, Ted Clements, and Chief Product Officer, Johannes Koeppel, to discover the latest payment solutions and trends in multi-day travel, and how to leverage them to your business’s best advantage. 



  • Ted Clements: CEO at WeTravel
  • Johannes Koeppel: CPO at WeTravel

Moderated by:

  • Keri Pfeiffer: Head of Account Management at WeTravel

Automating Your Travel Business: Strategies for Optimizing Operations and Customer Experience

Optimizing your time and productivity as a business owner is vital. During this session, you'll learn how to automate your business’s sales, marketing, administrative and financial tasks - without any knowledge of coding required - to streamline operational processes and reduce inefficiencies. 



  • John O’Neill: CEO at Traverse Automation
  • Suneal Rao: Head of Product at WeTravel
  • Jen Corley: Head of Product Marketing at WeTravel

What the AI Revolution Means for Travel and How You Can Take Advantage of It

Watch Arival Berlin’s keynote speaker Marc Mekki in an immersive session exploring the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the travel industry - and how it will affect your business. Marc’s expertise will demystify AI’s hype and deliver actionable insights on how to unleash your own creativity and innovation in order to utilize the technology to your advantage.



  • Marc Mekki: Keynote speaker, author, and Innovation Thinker at Inspire Limitless

The Future of Multi-Day Travel: Emerging Technologies and Changing Travel Habits 

How can you harness emerging technologies in order to enhance and personalize the traveler experience? What are the factors influencing the shifts in travel trends? Explore in this panel discussion to explore these questions, and more. From the potential impact of emerging tech on travel experiences to how habits are transforming in response, this session will provide the insights you need in order to get ahead of the curve. 



  • Stuart W. Greif: Chief Strategy, Innovation & Operating Officer at Forbes Travel Guide
  • Mauricio Prieto: Founder of the Travel Tech Essentialist and Co-Founder of eDreams
  • Jamie Lee Abtar: Marketing Manager at Intrepid Travel and Host of the 'In the Travel Know' podcast


Moderated by:

  • Shayna Zand: Head of Partnerships at WeTravel

How Multi-Day Travel is Growing: The Trends and Marketing Strategies You Need to Know 

Join travel marketing experts to discover how you can take advantage of multi-day travel trends in order to grow your business. Through our panelists’ actionable insights, you’ll learn how to leverage digital platforms, generative AI, and data analytics to inform your marketing strategy, increase conversion and boost sales. 



  • Jeffrey Gayduk: President of Premier Travel Media and Publisher at Leisure Group Travel
  • Marica Mackenroth Brewster: CEO of Von Mack Agency
  • Ursula Petula Barzey: Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant at Moxee Marketing and Founder & Digital Content Creator at Caribbean & Co.
  • Mitch Bach: CEO of TripSchool and Tourpreneur



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